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[SOLVED] Red S1, needs some work

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  • [SOLVED] Red S1, needs some work

    1994 cherry red S1 rallye

    I've owned this since 2008, I used it daily for a couple of years until it Failed its MOT in 2010 and it's sat in a garage since then. I had hoped to restore it but after 10 years I've come to the realisation that it's not going to happen.

    It has a 1.3 rallye head and cam, running bike carbs with a vtr bottom end and a 1.1 gear box. I also have a rallye gearbox in bits which would come with it and a gti disc rear beam which could be included as well.

    I'm not going to lie it does need a lot of work to get it running again, I've not tried to start it for years and the some of the tyres have gone flat etc

    I really don't want to split it up for spares but I will if no one wants to offer a decent price for it.

    the car is located near St Andrews in Scotland and will obviously need to be trailered away, I'll get some pictures when I can but I now live 40 miles away form the garage it's in so I can't just nip out and check things easily

    I'm open to offers especially if it goes to the right home but nothing silly.

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    What did it fail the MOT on? Have you got the original engine and inlet?

    Any chance of some photos?
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      It needed welding on the rear offside sill and a few other wee things. I've got an original inlet and ecu but the bottom end had already been changed when I got it.

      I'll hopefully get some pics at the weekend.


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        I've got a few photos I can email if you send me your address.


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