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  • Polybush Group Buy

    I've been in touch with Polybush and negotiated a group buy on their kits for the 106.

    It's a cracking saving over the standard price.

    This applies to the whole car kit as below:

    Front wishbone bushes

    Rear beam bushes

    Rear engine mount

    The front ARB bushes are not part of the kit, but if there is sufficient interest I will seek a discount on these too as an extra.

    These are great kits and a great way to improve the handling of your 106.

    Standard retail price on these units is 219.88 plus postage plus VAT

    The group buy discount is 25% for 10 or more kits

    This means the price 164.91 plus VAT.

    This is delivered to me and I'll then arrange onwards postage to all those in the group buy which is what we did on the Quaife quick racks.

    Any questions let me know. Sign up below if you are interested

    1. Cris B
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    No interest in this from 106RR folks?

    If there is some base interest here I can extend it to the Dutch crew and the Frenchies.
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      can you get them in black?

      If so i am interested in a kit
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        I'll check but assume that they will be red. You can get Polybushes from another supplier in Black. The problem with those is that the rear wishbone design is not in my view as good as this design. I've also not used them so cannot comment on the quality.

        I can confirm we can get them in black, but can't mix and match so we'd need 10 orders of each if some folk want red and some black kits
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          I am definitely interested this is what I need!


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            if you get 10 for black, i'll be one. However if the preference is Red, i'll pass.

            Thanks for organising