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Spares or repair 106 1.6 XSi in Miami blue

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  • Spares or repair 106 1.6 XSi in Miami blue

    1995 Peugeot 106 1.6 XSi in Miami blue with Britax sunroof.

    No MOT or tax. 118,000 miles. Comes with a little service history and Peugeot handbooks.

    I'm giving up on my project as there seems so much to do and not enough time to do it and I don't have a lot of money to play with.

    So far I have:

    Fitted new discs and pads.

    Stripped the interior as it was soaking wet underneath the carpet.

    Resealed the rear window seals as they were not in properly.

    Fixed the rear bumper which was hanging off on the passenger corner.

    Cleaned a few contacts because the indicators didn't work.

    Touched up all the stone chips and machine polished the paintwork.

    Fitted a new air filter and spark plugs.

    Removed the bodged/rotten exhaust system replaced with a standard good one.

    Replaced the front indicators with none holed/cracked ones.

    What it needs:

    Suspect head gasket failure as there's a tiny amount of mayo under the oil cap.

    Offside outer CV joint is knocking.

    Nearside outer CV boot has a small tear in it.

    Back front wishbone bushes need replacing.

    A 10p size hole next to the windscreen washer filler.

    Nearside headlight has a tiny crack and hole in it.

    A cat ehaust middle section needs fitting as it has a pre-cat XSi exhaust.

    Rocker cover gasket.

    4 new tyres as the ones fitted are just above the wear indicators.

    Central locking works sometimes.

    Alarm siren doesn't sound.

    Aerial missing.

    What works?

    Everything else, heater's fine, gearbox is fine, no rust on the body, 2 small patches of peeled paint in front of both back arches, several small laquer peel patches, interior is mint and standard.

    Fitted with 15" Dezent 5 spoke alloy wheels.

    I'm looking for 450 and it will come with some spares:

    1 x nearside headlight

    1 x catalytic converter

    1 x spare radiator

    2 x driveshafts

    1 x aerial

    and if wanted:

    2 x spare doors with glass, motors and regulators

    1 x spare bonnet

    1 x spare tailgate

    1 x spare nearside wing

    Overall, it looks stunning and it drives well and doesn't over heat. If it doesn't sell at this price, I will break it for spares.

    I am located in Billingham in the Nort East.

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    Now breaking. See Parts section.


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      Is this still whole??


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        No mate.

        It's nearly fully stripped, it rolls, has back brakes and could be made to steer. There's still lots of parts left though.


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          whats it like now?
          Whats been taken of it for it to steer? track rod?


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            Originally posted by GuyJ View Post
            whats it like now?
            Whats been taken of it for it to steer? track rod?
            For it not to steer?

            The steering wheel and top part of the steering column.

            It's exactly the same. Rolling shell, with glass, doors, loom and back brakes.