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K-reg 106 XSi 1.4i

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  • K-reg 106 XSi 1.4i

    For sale we have a K-reg Pug 106 XSi 1.4i
    Miami blue in colour, ABS, electric windows, central locking, factory tilt and slide sunroof, Sony clip off music, 15" alloys, uprated lowered suspension, sparco strut brace, jap style exhaust, induction kit.

    We took possesion of the car the other week. The previous owner brought the car to us for numerous things. After giving him a quote, he told us to go ahead with the work. When he came to collect the car he didnt have any money, so we didnt release the car. To date we have had 120 for the work/items listed below. Finally after nearly 7 months, the threat of starting to charge for storage forced a conclusion. (Yes thats right, no storage charge for nearly 7 months). On 31/05/06 out of the blue the owner appeared, WILLINGLY and quite cheerfully gave us the log book and told us to keep the car as he couldnt complete payment. He has signed the logbook, we have his contact details should you wish to verify.
    Apparently the car has 2 months MOT left, but we dont have the certificate and don't know where it was tested.

    In the past 7 months but more importantly within 20 miles we have done the following:
    Supply & fit reconditioned gearbox/fresh oil
    Supply & fit headgasket and headbolts
    Supply & fit rockers, 2nd hand unit
    Supply & fit water housing to rear of block
    Supply & fit down pipe 2nd hand unit
    Supply & fit 4 pcs front exhaust assembly gasket set
    Supply & fit sparco strut brace 2nd hand unit
    Supply & fit a breather filter
    Supply & fit jap style backbox and hangers
    Supply & fit cone type air filter
    Supply & fit 4 sparkplugs,
    Supply & fit 2 oil filters (see below!)
    Supply & fit 8 ltrs shell helix synthetic oil + 2 x flushing additive (see below!)
    Supply & fit 4 ltrs millers synthetic oil
    Supply & fit 2 x radiator system flush
    Supply & fit 2 ltrs coolant
    Fabricate induction kit for the air filter
    The head was cleaned back to original condition
    All the carbon was removed from top of pistons
    All the water gallerys were flushed while the head was off (also 2 complete system flushes)
    The oil was flushed twice using fresh shell helix synthetic (as flushing oil), 2 x flushing additive and a new oil filter
    Oil replaced with millers synthetic and new filter
    Radiator/coolant system flushed twice with additive
    All @ the previous owners request

    A good offer will drive her away...

    if this car is of any interest to anyone send me a pm and i'll post some good sized pictures up.

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    2 things, location helps and for sale forum regs state that a minimum of a guide or ONO price must be stated in all adds.

    Pics will deffo help here though to indicate condition of bodywork and interior.


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      Thanks Slik,
      Were in Wetherby, near Leeds.
      Cars in good condition inside and out.
      Didnt put a price on it because i have no idea what its worth, what do you reckon i should be asking?


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          Mileage? Will affect the price quite considerably?


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            Think its sold now anyway, tell you on tuesday for defo...