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  • coil pack cover refresh

    Looking to refresh my coil pack cover it's in state. Any ideas or thoughts please I was intending on spraying it a colour. However I'd decided against the idea just keep it black at the moment? So do I just scrub it and spray it black with a rattle can, get it professionaly sprayed or other? I've just started to get hands on the cars recently so be gentle!

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    Everyone's got to start somewhere mate, you could have it flocked or for the price you will pay to have it painted you will be able to find a decent one on here in the for sale section or there's always good old eBay,


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      Got this for 10 posted, that way you can paint yours for the experience but if you don't like it you've got a spare?
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        Hmm Im a sucker for a bargain makes sense though Scott Pm me your details you've made a sale!

        Cheers beans! Yeah I'm just trying to keep it small at the moment changed the brake calipers pads discs ect done some minor adjustments got someone taking me under their wing to learn at some point so that should be a knowledgeable experience.
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