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Window Glare / Scratches

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  • Window Glare / Scratches

    Since I got my Rallye a couple of months ago I've noticed that at night the windows create a lot of glare. This isn't a massive issue for the most part, but when I'm going down an unlit road and a car comes the other way, the glare gets so bad I literally can't see anything.

    This seems to be primarily an issue with the front and rear windows. The rear window isn't too bad but I need to sort the front one out.

    On closer inspection I can see some fine scratches that follow the line of the wipers, so I assume that's the cause of this. I do use Rain-X (rain repellent on the outside and mist repellent on the inside) and with or without it there's no difference in glare (or at least it's negligible)

    I've read about using scrunched newspaper and washing up liquid / vinegar / white spirit to get rid of these scratches. I've no idea if it will work or not. I've also seen some expensive glass cleaner / polish which apparently does the job. I'm obviously going to get some new wipers at some point.

    What do you guys recommend?

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    A friend of me had his windscreen polished. (Not normal polish but something special for windscreens)
    Got rid of all the little scratches.


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      Like everything else, glass will wear
      Might be best to think about getting a new screen fitted. Only about 80 from the yellow pages - not 400 auto glass cowboys!


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        Time for a new windscreen.
        I love Throttle Bodies

        Originally posted by Lewis
        My resolution for 2011 is to sort my fucking car