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  • Carpet removing questiom


    I removed my rear seat to refresh them, will do same with front.
    While everything is out it whould be great to remove and clean my carpet completly as it has one big oil stain.

    I read how to remove it, but I havent found answer if I could get it back inside as it was originally.

    On picture bellow you will see my carpet near foot rest, this is where previous owner got wires through for alarm...They tried to glue it, I can put carpet back inside but it will come out again

    I saw that under black rubber next to the carpet are small iron "teeth" which hold the carpet.
    Can I somehow put my carpet underneath them?

    If so I will remove my carpet for a good clean, if not I dont want it to stick like that everywhere...

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    The teeth you speak of are only clipped on around the door opening. Pull them off and when you refit the
    Carpet push them back on again.

    The section that was glued should also have clips to hold it in place. Get some extra from another car
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      Just went down to the car to try to understand what you mean.

      So, I need to push them up a bit just to stay in the air few mm so when I refit the carpet back I have space to put the carpet underneath those theet, and than while carpet is under those teets I slam them back down to bite carpet.

      Thanks for answer