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Red S1 - M25 Essex / Herts.

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  • Red S1 - M25 Essex / Herts.

    Hi, just wanted to come on and say a big thanks to whoever was driving a red S1 anti-clockwise on the M25 between the M11 and coming off at the A1 last Saturday (10th). It had stickers from this site on the rear-quarter glass. I think the reg ended YKP, or some combination of those letters, but my memory is shocking!

    Anyway, I was in the black 306 Rallye. I don't drive it much, and tend to under-appreciate it (i've had a 6/rallye for almost 10 years now did the clubscene thing and take it a bit for granted now), so thanks for giving a wave and a mad grin. I've got a bit of love back for the rallye. I might even clean it!

    Very smart car you've got, too.

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    Bit late now but this was probably me! ;-)
    [B]Harrow Rallye Sanctuarye (Formerly also the XND Centre of Excellence)
    [COLOR="White"]JDU[/COLOR][/B] - Progressing slowly in the secret restoration lair
    [B]BBB[/B] - Head Gasket kit purchased; to fit (hopefully curing the misfire) before MoT
    [B][COLOR="Red"]YKP[/COLOR][/B] - Taxed, Tested and Burning Oil
    [B][COLOR="Blue"]MYM[/COLOR][/B] - Rallye Bus: In traffic
    [B][COLOR="Red"]DFR[/COLOR][/B] - RIP, Rallye Bobsled, whose body was stolen... [B][COLOR="White"]XTL[/COLOR][/B] - [URL=""]Please Pray for the Dervinator's Soul.[/URL]