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106 GTi Restoration service questions..

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  • 106 GTi Restoration service questions..

    Hi guys, not sure if Iím in the right part of the forum or not so apologies mods if Iím not but here goes. I bought a Ď97 Blaze Yellow GTi some time ago as a project and like everything else it just gathered dust. Iíve decided now to go at it and itís in the bodyshop prepped and primed ready to be painted. I have also sourced a donor car which Iím taking some bits off like the rear suspension and cams. Can the collective recommend some basics for me?

    1.Oil and filter
    2. Gearbox oil
    3. Discs and Pads.

    I know Iíve forgotten plenty more itís only the start so all advice welcome.
    Iím sure Iíll have many many more questions over the next few months.
    It started first thing for me yesterday having sat up for 2 years.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi, I will start by asking some questions of my own what condition is the car in if it began as a project? is it complete and what do you intend to use it for? what budget do you have?



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      Any pic's?


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        Hi guys,

        I initially bought the car on a bit of a whim as I had owned a Miami Blue 205 Mi16 before. The plan was to do the bare minimum body wise but as time went on my bodyshop guy persuaded me into doing the whole car as he’d had found spots of rust in the floor and said he wasn’t happy giving me the car without this issue sorted. So now I’m at the stage where I’ve decided to clean up all he engine bits like, major service including timing belt kit, Brembo pads and discs(front and rear), oil and filter, air filter, plugs, brake fluid, gearbox oil, front shocks, rear beams, new battery, and wheel refurb(keeping originals), new tyres. I also sourced a donor car for cams which at the moment is the only non-standard part. It already has a 4-2-1 on it. I’d like to get a nice sports exhaust and maybe performance air filter but don’t really want it to look or sound too boy racer-ey if you get me.

        I have a couple of other classics so ‘er indoors is none too pleased that there will be another in the drive, what can I say? Im afflicted!

        I’ll get pics up as soon as I can. Should I get a performance suspension or leave it standard? All advice welcome. I think this thing may pleasantly surprise me.

        The car when I looked at it originally appeared to have some surface rust around the windscreen but when they took off some other panels they found some more, nothing major thankfully. My budget was small at the time but I’ve decided now to spend a little more to get it back to standard.


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          As of last week..

          Windscreens have been removed to finish the job prior to painting.


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            Glad to see people are still keeping these future classics on the road, non sunroof shell also....quite a rare find, very nice.


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              Originally posted by View Post
              Glad to see people are still keeping these future classics on the road, non sunroof shell also....quite a rare find, very nice.
              Thanks Karl.


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                So adding to the list:

                Pugsport 2” Exhaust
                Vibra Technics mounts
                Leather interior
                Nimrod 16” Alloys
                Timing belt and Water Pump
                Pugsport Airbox

                If I can remember anything else I’ll update tomorrow.


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                  Coming along nicely, are you keeping it lowered?


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                    So the time has come now to pick up the old girl and get all the bits sorted. New pics to follow.