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Bedfordshire - 2x Black S1's

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  • Bedfordshire - 2x Black S1's

    I've not posted a single picture of my Rallye's on here as far as I know, so here they are.

    Both registrations have lots of history on the forum.

    I'm not one to really make a progress thread anymore as I just tend to upload the odd picture to Facebook/Instagram to easily share progression.

    My driveway is about a 1/4 mile long dirt track so they get dirty quickly

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    So I've not updated this topic since the beginnin, but I got rid of one of the Rallye's maybe 2 years ago now and the other has been off the road a similar time due to an overhaul.

    It's sat in our barn alongside my dad's TVR Cerbera, MGF & MR2 and my brothers Uno Turbo so it's in good company ☺ . Its been fairly neglected as I've uncovered lots of bad repairs to the boot and underside which is a bit beyond my skillet to fix, so I have to rely on my dad's expertise and time (the latter being very tricky to get). Today I finally got my second (first was done a few months back) inner wing panel welded into place, which means there's lots of strength back in the front end to almost get it onto a rolling spit which I luckily bought off a member local who made it for his 106. We have 2 ramps and literally every other thing we need which is all personal equipment which has made life very easy.

    I shall upload pictures shortly from my phone. I've written this on a tablet so opoliges for any errors as I'mentioned a desktop guy

    Parts gathering up in much bedroom. Satchell GSXR bodies are also in the barn
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      Good job on the inner wings
      Peugeot Sport Logi


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        Originally posted by Cris B View Post
        Good job on the inner wings
        Many thanks lots left to do! Whilst finding more

        Went on holiday last week for a family wedding up in the Isle of Skye and my goal was to get the car onto the spit before I'm back to work. With assistance from my dads forklift this turned out to be pretty easy and was on in no time!

        Rotating it was the scariest moment in my life!

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