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    hi everyone, i always really wanted to do a little blog when sorting my rallye but never got around to it soooo......

    ive recently bought another white s1 rallye to bring back to glory and get back on the road it used to belong to andykh on here a few years ago, i bought it from s1 dave over halesworth way, its only on 94k as its been off the road for about 3 years i think, was an unfinished 16v conversion, so ive bought it with most things except engine and box and plan to get her all nice and spangely again, with a 1.3 back in there like it should be

    lots of history in a large folder, had a brand new rear beam fitted by skip browns in 02, with refurbed arms, and heeeeeeps other things so all looking good its actually a better example (or will be) than my current s1, onlly teeny weeny bits of surface rust here and there which ill tend to.

    for now i only have these couple of pics, with my white xsi wheels put to a new use

    you can see some mad man has used some really hard bonding to hold an arch on before! i have a much better plan but all will be revealed lol

    as shes been sat in a garage for 2 years the paint is all grimey and quite rough, and green in places! a wash last week has brought back a bit of shine, and a tooth brush was used to get all that green off!, a mate of mine has a valeting company and is going to come and mop her over with some compound in a few weeks to get her perfecto again

    tommorow im hoping to get 3 of the arches on (need to spray the 4th) and finish fitting the dash back in, ran out of light today, then allthough the engine bay has been resprayed, theres a couple of bits of surface rust near the ecu mount, and battery tray, want to get those sorted, and a coat of wax all round there over the weekend

    also if the weather stays good to me i may even get the vax out and have a dam good clean to get the mould out of the seats, the rear bench may even find its way into my bath

    she'l be up for sale in a few months when im happy shes as good as i can get her so stay tuned

    wish me luck.....
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      not much to report today, just used a brass wire brush on a mains drill to get off the rust on the boot floor, then sanded by hand, masked off 4 squares and painted. cleaned down the few bits in the engine bay and painted aswell. will get some pics when its dry tommorow, also finished fitting the dash today, and washed down the interior plastics, had a rough hoover before i clean and wash it all properly next wekend. went to pick up the gearbox and a few odd bits aswell, getting everything else i need tommorow, except the water pump housing, so thats the last piece i need and havnt got arund to ordering yet

      wanted to refit the rear seatbelts, but couldnt get them to unwind, no matter what angle i held them at, is there a trick to this?
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        Originally posted by quin View Post
        wanted to refit thear seatbelts, but couldnt get them to unwind, no matter what angle i held them at, is there a trick to this?
        I'm having the same trouble mate, try swapping them over - pass side to drivers side, that's what I'm going to try next.. if that doesn't work, I don't know what to try next..


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          tried that


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            oh don't say that!


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              dug this up

              woooooop, handy little guide that, fiddelyiest part was putting the 3 little pins back in each belt cover at the end! so there both back in now and looking gooooood still havnt got around to reftting the arches! good luck with your belts anyway mate
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                Ahh excellent, thanks for that finding that my belts are now soaking in a big bucket of a mixture of all sorts of cleaning products! Going to be sooo clean!

                Good little project this


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                  let me know how clean they cme up and ill see if its worth a go, i dont know how clean theyll come up???


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                    yeah sure I'll put some piccys up


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                      do well, if they come up well ill copy ya


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                        Gonna be watching this quin, look forward to seeing it back to its former self. I'll get a few pics up to spur you on bud.
                        Oh, and have you got proof of that mileage as i sold it with around 90,000 on it.

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                          what are those alloys 3 pics up? love em! clocks show 94ish now so didnt get used alot after you sold her then! im afraid im gonna have to take your momo sticker off lol, theres only one on the drivers side so looks abit odd, also need to make way for RR stickers

                          unfortunately havnt got the arches on yet because of my maer plan failing lol, but if its nice at the weekend ill try again, just dont want to have to bond them on

                          mwhahaha my plan has worked

                          ok so out of my entire set of 4 arches, theres about 3 of the studs remaining. i didnt want to bond them on as i find this a complete BODGE! soo i tohught, hmm what ill do is bond some 1 1/2" m6 bolts onto the arch, where each stud was snapped. I grabbed 4 packs of ten including nuts and washers (all zinc plated) for 1.86 per bag from b&q. got them home and realised... bugger there too long, gonna end up with the tyres hitting them, soo i got out my vice and cut down all 40 lol. next i sanded down a little and bonded them to the arch. just tried drivers rear first. when i went to fit it to the car, i found the heads of the bolts were touching on the body work so the arch wouldnt sit flush. in a fit of rage i ended up with the sticks like shit everywhere!!!!, twatted some more on the arch and wedgeh badminton rackets and bits of wood from my rallye lmao!

                          anyhoo today i had a brain wave.... i grabbed another arch and bonded the bolt off-cuts to the arch, exactly where the studs should be, and obverved that they all have to sit at a funky angle,

                          i did use a couple of the full 1" bolts where there was more of a gap for it to reach the wings, let this set, offered up to the car and after a little wiggle, as some were a bit off, it sat PERFECT! i gently ran my hand around the inside and there is about 8mm, perfect for the nut and washer. ive got a bottle of thread lock (they dont have that in b&q really confused the shelf stacker... he went "red rod?" i was like "no, thread lock" in a confused look back i grabbed a bolt and said "u put it on there then this - pointing to nut - doesnt fall off" lol, another confused stair i got "na we dont stock it" lol wat a nob! anyhoo, dad blagged me a bottle from work so alls goooood just done the one that i stuck on the car, took some twisting and pulling but i got her off, the good thing about sticks like... is that it holds really well, but remains flexable, so managed to get it off, and im now just doing the final one in my room (the one that ive had to spray as it was miami blue - im a pro with rattle cans now though lol)

                          shall hopefully attach them this weekend

                          only proof of that milage is on the clocks mate, but i looked on the dvla website and its not been taxed since 09/2005 so i cant imagine its clocked up anymore than the clocks show...

                          just picked up an arch by 1 stud and spun it around so happy with the hold
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                            They're my old compomotive evo2's bud, they were only 14inch though, thats a photoshop from just after i got it, it was my origional plan to get them in 16 inch and make it as the picture.


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                              i love them! will have to try and get hold of a set one day. im now off to fit two of the arches. just a couple of coats of laquer left to apply to the one i sprayed, and ive had to refix the studs to pass rear arch, its the only one where i didnt rub down to black plastic before fixing, and ive pulled a few off lol. shall take a pic in a bit

                              there we go, transforms the look of the car, couldnt get a shot further away as mums car there and just had a row about my room looking like a garage

                              just had a new windscreen fitted to SVG this morning, 100 well happy plans for YWU today are to get the other arches on, wash down the engine and gearbox and fit the loom to them, and if it warms up later ill probably give both cars a wash

                              piccies later

                              ok so got my engine and gearbox gunked washed ready to go, also fitted the 3rd arch, but the bonding on the front wing (see pics at top of thread) proved very time comsuming to remove so didnt get time to fit that one, ive freshened up the interior plastics, a cheap can of back to black from pound land went suicidal on me and nearly froze my hand off! but got it all nice and spangely in the end with another can i also got the white paint off the areial and poppers on the rear windows as it was flakey and i didnt like it lol. think they look better black as standard grumpy mum went out so i got some photos

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