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  • Don't come on here much these days... WOW! Fair play, attention to detail is awesome!

    If only my Miami XSI looked like that.. but I suppose it lives it's life on the limiter down the lanes / farm yards!


    • I reckon The Rattlebox will be living life to the limiter down some country lanes too. Possibly just ones on the other side of the country! Hoping for an update later today from our man in the East!
      Peugeot Sport Logi


      • Hey there peeps..

        Apologies for the lack of updates on here, maybe it's the fact my only internet access is through a phone so typing long form like this is a bit of a ballache.. photobucket going mental didn't help.. maybe I'm just a lazy twat and that's why 90% of stuff gets fired straight onto Instagram...

        However, I've got a bit of time before Topgear tonight so let's try a quick catch up..

        Lots of little odds and ends being done now tbh...

        First up:

        Aerial blanking dooberry-

        And just for all you part number geeks-

        However, this simple job became a bit of a.... fucking ballache!!! Some doofus has gone and put a cage right over the access hole inside!!-

        Next up, arch mouldings- being a bit of a hoarder I've amassed quite a few of these so the best of each section was dug out, scrubbed with hot soapy water, dried, scrubbed with a diluted isopropynol mix, dried, then Gtechniq C4 applied.. got to say this stuff is bloody good..

        By now your thinking "Well this jobs sailing along" however.. despite me having 3 drivers side rear arch mouldings all of them had some pins broken off, oh, and Peugeot no longer supply the correct fitting kit...

        So after a few phone calls I repeatedly got told 'It's polypropylene mate, can't do anything with that' I had a Google, had an eBay, and bought some of this-

        To fix these-

        Very impressed, it dries quick and seems to be bloody tough..

        Next up, fitting kit!!

        Got myself some 20mm diameter rubber washers with a 6mm hole and some stainless 6mm starlocks-

        And it seems to be a victory!!

        And that's about where I the minute...

        Borrowed a torque wrench to do the hideously tight 307 hub nuts up... need to sort a new battery... then I guess it's off to the mappers...



        • It looks so cool in that last picture.


          • Looks awesome! out of curiosity.. what is the torque spec for the 307 hub nuts? I've always just done mine with a 2ft breaker and never had any issues. I've got a few torque wrenches so may as well do them to spec in future.


            • 325nm!!! Or 240lb/ft... beefy torque wrench and manly 35mm socket needed!!


              • G'evening rallyeregister peeps ..

                Been a while ey...

                So.. firstly I'm JUST about there with this poxy arsed blue twat.. I also appear to have got my picture order ballsed up..


                Because it had stood so long my old battery which WAS new had died, the new new one was a different size so I had to make a new cage...

                The car went to a friend of mine to be mapped...

                There were problems...!!!

                Thermostat housing leaked
                Speedo stopped working over 30ish

                Nowt too major, or so I thought.. fresh RTV sorted the first issue..

                The 2nd however.. oh what a twat!!

                Basically because the teeth on my trigger were so small the time of the pulse reached such a small period during use that over 30ish the dash just said "fuck this" and stopped working...

                So, 12 teeth became 3... which meant I needed to access the dash software to tell it to look for 3 pulses per rev not 12...

                And then the smelly brown stuff hit the spinny thing that makes a breeze..

                To cut a long story short, I got very angry then bought a serial/USB adapter from RaceTechnology and in 5 minutes had it sorted....

                Next up.. insurance/MOT and some test drives....


                • You didn't HONESTLY think the Rattlebox was going to let you get over the last few hurdles easily now did you!?

                  Glad it's all done though. Can't wait to see some videos of you abusing it and hopefully see it at FCS??


                  • Alright folks...

                    Hope you're all keeping ok?? Dunno whether you've heard.. but.. theres a bit of a flu bug going around at the minute 😬😬😬

                    As for the rattlebox, not a lot to report tbh.. the ol "miley cyrus" has fucked up the shows this year so I haven't really touched the ol girl...

                    Some fella called Dan has started doing some lovely 3D printed cowls for us fancy dash owners so I got 1 of them.. and then decided it looked a bit plain... so fired it off to everyone's favourite leprechaun "dieseldave" for some flocking love...

                    Came out lovely imo...

                    I also had a quick word with Col (satchell) and he gave me some baseline geo settings to work too so fashioned up a string box and had a go... what fucking ballache!! Its certainly close now .. it's off to Matt Bentleys once MOTd for a proper geo and cornerweighting.. but it was nice to put into action the shit I was first taught... 20+ years ago..

                    And there ya go....

                    PLAYERS - fucked
                    ROLLHARD - fucked...

                    I've banned chinese takeaways from the house for the foreseeable future and god help anyone that offers me a spring roll....

                    Heres to 2021

                    Stay cool folks...

                    Oh yeah...

                    My footwell griptape is WAY better than yours.... ������
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                    • Grip tape is just extra weight, I heard


                      • Quick suggestion Stu... With your alignment setup, run the line as a loop (front to back to front again) that way when you measure you can line up your eye with the two strings to ensure your eye is looking directly down and getting a bit more accurate and repeatable measurement.

                        Looking good... despite the lack of shows. It sucks balls but I guess it'll just make next year even better!

                        Unless we get ammonium nitrate'd into oblivion by the aliens!!