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    Been a while since I posted, fitted a Satchell lower strut brace, far better then the OMP one, car feels much sharper.

    To celebrate, a load of us to Cadwell Park for the day, sadly rained all day; and as it was my first time there, I never experienced it dry

    Some sloooww footage below trying to find grip, but finding grease instead...


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      Looks like it was pretty slippy - what tyres were your running?
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        Everyone was running semi slicks as no standing water, I had Nankang NSR2’s, others were running AR1’s and various Toyo’s, the only cars that gripped were the 4WD’s!

        Great day as it was basically a small private track day with less than 30 cars booked, normal day there is around 70 cars...


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          It has been a long time since I posted, but I have still been out and about in the Rallye car (only 1500 miles covered last year though), however, smoke on start up was getting bad, so it was time to re-build the head:

          Head out: IMG_0163 by spencer barratt, on Flickr

          Head off: IMG_0164 by spencer barratt, on Flickr

          One shiny head back! IMG_0839 by spencer barratt, on Flickr

          Pistons also cleaned... IMG_0834 by spencer barratt, on Flickr

          Piston shelves also cleaned: IMG_0833 by spencer barratt, on Flickr

          Piston's back in: IMG_0831 by spencer barratt, on Flickr

          And finally head back together for refitting: IMG_0841 by spencer barratt, on Flickr

          The head was blasted, de-greased, new piston rings fitted, head and valves refaced, big end bearings, plus full head gasket kit, including valve stems seals of course...

          Engine runs sweet with no smoke, however, a previous clutch problem is still not going away even after two new clutch cables (biting point is all over the place), so the gearbox will have to come out in the new year so we can have a look inside and see what is causing it...

          Either way, I took it out on Saturday night in the rain, and it was a blast on the new Uniroyal Rainsport 3's, brought a smile back to my face
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            Looking good!

            You don't have one of those self ratcheting cables do you? I've got one in my 1.5D and the biting point keeps moving, which is really irritating when I'm on track with it.


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              It did have a self adjusting cable which we replaced, and I am now on a manual cable, but the problem still persists.
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                Hello all, it has been a while not just for me, but also for the forum, so good to see it back again, welcome back!

                As per my last posting, the clutch problems were sorted by changing the clutch cover, plate and release bearing.

                The previous Helix 4 paddle clutch did not last long at all, neither did the standard clutch cover, I think the two did not pair well...

                Anyway, we went for a Helix organic clutch kit with a paired cover and plate:

                IMG_0717 by spencer barratt, on Flickr

                IMG_0716 by spencer barratt, on Flickr

                IMG_0715 by spencer barratt, on Flickr

                We also changed the Baker BM engine and gearbox mounts, and went back to some new OEM's, as I drive the car to the track and was becoming tired of the vibrations. I will be selling Baker BM mounts very soon, they only have about 5k on them, and are in great nick!.

                I also keep going through top mounts like you would not believe, so I went for the solid top mounts from Baker BM, he only had some non anodized ones, they are being fitted next week, will report back after a track day at Brands in early July..

                Its good to be back!


                IMG_1804 by spencer barratt, on Flickr
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                  What was the problem with the previous clutch?
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                    Both the clutch plate and cover were very worn, the cover had been on a long time though, well before the paddle clutch was fitted.


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                      Great work Spanker. Nearly finished a GTi restoration, nice to read your thread and nice to see the forum back.