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    • Looking forward to seeing the progress!


      • So true to my word last month I started the project again after 12 months off doing DIY jobs around the house. Rock and roll. First things first, gassing up. The once local-ish supplier in Rochdale is now less so, but two refills get's the MIG back in action.

        That's meant I can crack on with the TIG Trolley which has been a mild distraction, but is now nearly finished:

        The next job on the Rallye is still the sills. I'd made some good progress on these before I ran out of gas, so I have been pressing on with these. The replacement sill I picked up to replace the crusty one on the car was, err, crusty:

        New sections fab'd up and ready to go in once I sort out the jacking point plate. That's currently sitting in a chemical bath but may well end up getting a new part made up. It will need to go between these two sections the top one of which replaces the rusty bit that was in the photo above:

        Then this bit can get welded in and tidied up

        The other end of this half of the sill sits on the inside of the rear arch and a complex 3d curve which my rudimentary panel beating failed to replicate despite several attempts. I'm not 100% happy with what I ended up with so clearly the answer was to go back to basics.

        Buy another 106!

        Well mostly, I didn't much enjoy the process of chopping up the silver GTI on the drive so decided to go hunting. Turns out they are a rarity in the local breaker yards in the NW, but I did find a good late model one in a yard in the North East where I work. Thinking ahead I marked up both sills and the boot floor to be liberated by two experts with a STIHL saw. What could possible go wrong?

        Hmm. Well I did not quite get all of what I was expecting


        Oh well, at least the full sill is the other side I didn't have and needed and that the bit of the side I am currently working on is actually the bit I need. They're in pretty good shape too.

        My boot floor looks like it was attacked with a ball peen hammer. I may replace the whole panel when I re do the boot floor seams.

        Had a chat with @Slammed106 about tackling spot welds and decided to try some of these after trying and breaking some Rotabroach minicutters last time:

        So much spot weld drilling to come next!
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        • Corr that’s some effort. Keep up the good work.


          • Glad to see the action recommencing! Hope the spot welds are easy going.


            • Thanks chaps. aiming to make some progress with weekly updates from now on...

              So took the smaller section of sill and started getting ready to part it for donor material

              The 3d curved section is the prize here and is the best I have to work with. It'll need a little repair. So just to be clear, I'll be repairing the repair section for the repair panel to repair the panel on the car.


              The hallmark of the scrapyard slashers. I don't need these end bits yet but will keep them until all the repairs are complete as they are always useful references for making new parts from scratch.

              Box load of new twisted knot and standard wire brush wheels for the angle grinder on the way for next weekend's action...
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              • New spot weld cutters now dialled in and working a treat. Managed to get various remnants of floor and bulkhead and reinforcement removed and then opened up the sill.

                Pretty pleased with the state of them - much better than the first replacement sill!

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                • Bit behind on posts so here is a couple of weekends worth of updates:

                  Jacking points were rust magnets. Sitting in an acid bath for a week didn't shift it, so had some new ones laser cut and fabbed. Quicker than doing them myself.

                  Identified the bit needed to repair the repair panel sill. Marked up the repairs it needed:

                  Welded that up and chopped out the first repair attempt I wasn't happy with. The shape wasn't right and it seemed best to just start again.

                  New repair section in, just needs the welds dressing and we can crack on (photos to follow).

                  This is the most important panel in the sill repair as all of the other three layers of sill tie to it and this panel ties into the rest of the car.

                  Rest of the sill is now in three parts, so just need to drill the spot welds to part the other half and then I can repair that can start cutting into the shell and getting this all fitted.
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                  • Having been scuppered in my plans for regular progress, I took a day off earlier this month to "finish off" the two parts of the sill that were "done". Ended up spending the entire day getting them finished and prepped. Started at 10am and finally finished painting them with epoxy primer at 11pm!

                    I have started user Lechler epoxy primer which was highly rated by the great Steve Lang (RIP). It stinks as it goes off however!

                    So this weekend just gone I parted the other half to give me the final two panels.

                    I am pretty happy with these as on the whole they are in pretty good shape in comparison!

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                    • Do you still have this Cris??
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                      • Originally posted by RichHimself View Post
                        Do you still have this Cris??
                        Yes Rich.

                        Stop the press.

                        I pumped up all four tyres and straightened up the steering ready to push it outside.

                        No progress I am afraid, I just need to move it so I can work on the garage door opener which is sat just above it

                        Well maybe that is not strictly true because at some point since the last update I did pick up a beautiful set of Speedline Chronos that had just been refurbed and freshly powder coated

                        I had thought that COVID-19 lockdown would be a good chance to crack on but I wasn't furloughed and ended up even busier than normal. Sigh.

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