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  • my rallye project

    decided to ditch my old project thread as it was more of a 'breaking a 106 gti by pictures' thread

    so to summarise... i bought a crashed gti donor, broke it for parts and scrapped the shell

    i also bought an s2 rallye which wasn't looking great but it was still a good solid base and the only 'mods' were minor bolt ons...

    anyway, that was ages ago... beginning of march 2007

    today the rallye is almost fully stripped:

    messed this one up

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    some progress!

    you having the whole thing resprayed now? whens it being done?

    Id rather you than me when u come to put it back together lol
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      a full respray would be nice, don't know yet.

      waiting on a safety devices cage, could be up to 8 weeks but then got to weld the plating in hopefully around christmas time. need to learn to weld first!
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        cool. what u gunna do it the mean time?

        do u have to clean it all or will they do that?


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          there's plenty to do in the meantime!! remove all the tar stuff from the floor etc and remove all the plastic bungs from everywhere. probably give it a general clean from where it was under the tree outside my grandads for 3 months!
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            coming on nice m8, i would love to do a car to this extent but i usually get bored half way through and chuck it back together


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              it's pretty soul destroying taking it apart every day as there's no real 'progress' but you've just got to focus on the end result!
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                good going chap. but do your gf parents mind a shell on driveway lol!


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                  my mrs parents have my 106 parked there and 2 gti-6's parked out the back, plus i got 3 306 on my drive oh yeah a 205 at my parents ..................... so if they start about having 1 car on there drive tell em there lucky


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                    how do you know its at my girlfriends parents house

                    but nah they dont mind in the slightest, they offered me to do it there - i didn't ask. they're letting me use their garage too to store everything in for the time being which is nice of them
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                      minor update... havent done anything for a few weekends for various reasons

                      i took all the glass out a little while ago and had the windscreen and rear screen taken out on saturday - the car got soaked in the weather

                      so today i dried out the car inside and out and made a temporary cover from some plastic sheet while im waiting for a proper cover that i ordered on ebay to arrive. heres a pic

                      decided on a respray now, had a good quote from a local firm
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                        Nice the bubble car...


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                          Haha........ wiked mate.

                          And ive got to be honest, i dont think it would be possible to get a quote cheaper than that, f*ck me. Cant grumble at that fair play.



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                            Looks like your really going to town on this one! Looking good!


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                              cant wait till u get it back from the sprayers, will be good to see it finally come together