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Chatie's low mileage Bianca White S2 Rallye

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    Just awesome! (Y)
    106 Rallye Video [url][/url]


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      January 2017 - The rebuild

      With the engine bay / front end back together it was time to finish off the interior. The seats are in really great condition, the rear bench just needing a good clean before refitting.

      The front seats were also in great nick with only the driver's seat outer bolster needing some attention. While the engine bay work was underway the front seats were sent to the trimmer I use through work.

      With the seat covers and foam no longer available from Peugeot we made the decision to repair the slightly sagging foam on the drivers seat, we then swapped both upper and lower covers complete with foam with those from the passenger seat.

      This leaves me with the very original / unworn covers on the drivers seat and the repaired bolster cushions on the inner side of the passenger seat. For the time being this was the best solution until I can find another spotless passenger seat to strip for parts!

      Next up I refinished the front jacking points. They were found to be in great condition under the factory underseal so they were given the following treatment - Etch primed, Seam sealed with new blanking grommets, Wurth Stone guard applied with a szhutz gun, High build primer and then finished in Bianca White. I also added some Dinol cavity wax for further protection.

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        Those jacking points... amazing condition
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          Bet they've never been abused by a tyre fitter!


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            Originally posted by Cris B View Post
            Those jacking points... amazing condition
            Yep they were very good under the factory finish, definitely worth cleaning up and checking whilst I was there. The original factory seam sealer had just started to crack / split so I feared the worst but was pleasantly suprised.

            Harv - I did have to straighten them out slightly with a slide hammer a one side (cant remember which had a slight dent in it.


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              Ace - still not sure I would drive it though!!!

              I would have no trouble convincing myself that I needed another to drive and this one to look at.

              Are you planning on showing it???

              The problem I found with mine was that it was rusting under the original factory applied sealer in places - to the point where I convinced myself that the shell spent the weekend in the rain before it was applied!


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                Originally posted by bluebouy View Post
                Ace - still not sure I would drive it though!!!

                I would have no trouble convincing myself that I needed another to drive and this one to look at.

                Are you planning on showing it???

                The problem I found with mine was that it was rusting under the original factory applied sealer in places - to the point where I convinced myself that the shell spent the weekend in the rain before it was applied!
                Thanks, yes the plan is to use it for a few selected shows and just enjoy driving it on a sunny weekend, but still being cautious of the miles I put on it!

                I would love a second one to use and abuse, but the wife would be having words. I do fancy a 16v, throttle bodied track weapon at some point to use for sprints and hill climbs.

                The factory seam sealer underbody protection really wasn't that clever, it was applied very randomly and in places to thick. Once water or corrosion gets behind it you really are in trouble!!


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                  February 2017 - Finishing off

                  With the dark cold night's it was quite difficult to keep up the motivation to finish the Rallye. When I did find some enthusiasm I ticked off some of the smaller jobs.

                  I replaced the cracked O/S door mirror with a good used one sourced from Ebay, again a brand new one wasn't available from Peugeot.

                  I also purchased a new pair of standard black plastic mirror caps from Peugeot, however although it would have had the black ones from factory I am not sure it looks right? Maybe the 'B' pillar needs doing in black textured vinyl to match?

                  Next up was a stereo upgrade, the standard stereo looks great in the dash but not being able to play a CD or plug an Ipod / I phone in was a little frustrating on longer trips to shows.

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                    March 2017

                    Has it really been over 2 months since I updated this, doesn't time fly, I have however been busy with the Rallye!

                    With the major engine out winter work complete I carried out the final check over before thinking about bringing the car home from work.

                    With the Mot due in April and slight play in the O/S beam advised on last years Mot I decided on a rear suspension overhaul first.

                    First job was to get the old beam off the car.

                    Again being a little pushed for time and not wanting to have the car in pieces for an extended time at work I decided to go for an exchange axle from IM Axles. Overall I was impressed with the service and quality of the exchange unit.

                    Having built the axle up the next job was getting bolted back in the car. The axle came with new mounting bushes and I fitted new wheel bearings. I will go back and refinish / powder coat the brake disc shields and overall the brakes when I have more time.


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                      April / May 2017:

                      With the winter work complete, a new Mot and the sunnier weather here (hopefully)! The Rallye has been out and about on the country road roads of Dorset, it's been good to have it back on the road but I cant see myself using it much. There are still a few jobs I want to do to improve it further but they can wait until the autumn.


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                        Really interesting thread. Thanks for posting all of those updates. Great work!

                        But... spoiled by:
                        Originally posted by chatie1975 View Post
                        but I cant see myself using it much.

                        Use it man like Mr Pug intended! I implore you! (or sell it to me, and I will do it for you!!).


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                          February 2018 - current mileage 35463

                          After the Photobucket fiasco it's taken me a while to muster up the enthusiasm to carry on with this thread. I have started rebuilding the complete thread using Flickr to host the images, but its a slow process.

                          With regards to my Bianca Rallye I had planned on rebuilding the front suspension through the winter but life seems to have got in the way. There is nothing there that would stop me driving it or getting it through an Mot but I wanted to overhual the front suspension to bring this upto the same standard as the rest of the car.

                          She is currently tucked up in the garage with her cover on plugged into the battery conditioner, hopefully it won't be to much longer before the weather improves and the show season starts.

                          Here are a couple of pictures from last year, to reminder everyone how she currently stands.

                          DSC03805 by Martin Chatfield, on Flickr
                          DSC03812 by Martin Chatfield, on Flickr
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                            Car looks great. Good to see an update
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                              October 2020 - current mileage 36742

                              Has it really been 2.5 years since I have update this?

                              I still own the Bianca White S2 Rallye R167 NPR, it's still in the same condition as above having only been used for summer fun on Dorset B roads and the odd show.

                              Although I have looked at some larger trips in it (including a planned trip to France for its 20th birthday in 2018) life always seems to get in the way.

                              Spending more time at home in 2020 has led to a renewed enjoyment of going out just for a drive, this has reminded me that I really should get around to refreshing the front suspension!

                              B032212E-E6A9-4786-B93A-CD3876B3B83E by Martin Chatfield, on Flickr

                              842552D3-09DA-4DD0-BC92-3F4C2D4A1955 by Martin Chatfield, on Flickr

                              Apparently I can only take pictures with the bonnet popped onto first catch ffs!
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