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  • Miami XSi road rally car

    I've been a member on here for a while now so though I best had to put a quick progress thread up...

    I've been into road rallying for a few years now and am a semi-expert Navigator, and I've recently built a car for a change of seat!

    I've done one road rally, been a course car, and have done a few different autotests so far. My gearbox decided to give in last weekend, so I've just bought a 16v and an S1 rallye box. Going to generally tidy up the engine bay, fit powersteering and fit my new suspension at the same time.

    Quick spec:

    *Safety Devices 12 point cup cage
    *2x Cobra suzukas - homemade subframes, 1 steel and 1 alloy sidemount
    *Scroth Racing 4 point harnesses
    *Alloy nav footrest
    *2x pass door map pockets
    *hardwired Don Barrow poti
    *Switch plate in radio blank (light, fan, spots)
    *Modified standard HB lever into fly-off (reversed mechanism)
    *2ltr foam handheld extinguisher
    *OMP spare wheel strap
    *Fully braided lines from MC to drums, Front braided flexi's
    *GTi front calipers with Mintex m1144's
    *Alloy tank guards
    *PTS alloy sump guard
    *Hella H3000 spots

    The Car:

    Road rallying:


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    Well, I've made abit of progress at last...

    Removed the poorly box and 8v

    Removed most of the underseal in the front arches/engine bay and found some rust

    Cut out all the rust and welded in new plates

    Prepped the engine bay and have primered and given it a lick of white paint, I'm very pleased with the finish from rattle cans, just undecided whether to lacquer it..

    I've got pretty much everything I need to put it all back together, just need some PAS steering arms, unlock my 16v ecu and get the loom spliced... Hopefully be back out on the lanes by mid february all being well, just got to decide on my next event!


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      Looks like a nice project, I hope your broken box won't be the first of many, but they just cant take the abuse, my box is apart again, I'm sick of the site of the thing
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        You need a special box Luke!
        Now running a 16v with 180bhp and Sadev sequential.

        Partner at Trackspec - Performance parts for enthusiasts


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          Looks like a nice road rally warrior mate. will be bob on with 16v in, may be worth getting the s1 checked/reconned tho. my s1 box only lasted 2 days when i 16ved my s1!


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            Yer my xsi box took a fair bit of abuse but in the end it broke on gravel, still havn't checked it yet but pretty sure its spun the crownwheel off the diff. I did think of getting my s1 box reconned but just want it in and ready for an event!

            Think I'll strip my xsi box and see if the crownwheel/pinion is salvageable and get it welded back onto the diff...will be handy to have one ready to go when the s1 box breaks! (when, not if! haha!)

            I can see me really wanting a diff next season and I'll probably be running ao21's by then aswel, but I definitely won't be staying MA if I get a plated diff, so all depends if funds allow!

            Cheers for the comments!


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              Good plan matey. good luck on your next event aswel


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                Made a fair bit of progress over the last few weekends, I'll let a picture do the talking...


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                  The car is back on the road now. I've put an entry in for the moonbeam road rally this weekend, still got loads to do though!

                  Anybody had any of the infamous idling issues? Mine fluctuates from around 800-1200 revs, and hesitates slightly as you're getting onto load. Perfect on full throttle though, but could do with it being sorted for the weekend..


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                    Well, I had to pull the entry for the Moonbeam as the engine turned out to have a pretty hefty oil leak from the head. I've changed the head gasket, had the head skimmed, changed the sump gasket and all seems alot better. There's still a slight oil leak, got a few little things to try and seal better, but it may well need the crank seal replacing :/

                    Done a load of other little jobs aswel...fitted the base spec arb to match my bottom arms, fitted horn in engine bay, washer bottle in boot using rear wiper wiring and pipe and a load of other jobs I've forgot about..

                    I did an autotest at the weekend as abit of a shakedown for the car. Was very impressed with it, seems to pull very well and I've sorted out the idling issue. I finished 2nd out 21 in the end, and took home the 1st fwd award. I've got a run on the border 100 road rally on 5th May, and will probably also put in an entry for the eagle start of june.


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                      Found a few more pics from last weekend..

                      I've got a few jobs to sort before the Border...spray wheels, fit spots, try and seal some oil leaks, bolt check, fit potti back in and try and find whats knocking on the front suspension. Also put an entry in for the eagle which is on the 2nd June.


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                        Well I did the Border on Saturday night. Was just one of them nights really. Alot of dropped time so had to miss a few sections as well as popping a tyre. We ended up missing one of the main controls so were classed as a non-finisher.

                        Was really impressed with the car though, first road rally with the 16v and it didn't miss a beat all night! I think I've bent the RH track rod end after sliding into a bank on the second selective. Doesn't seem too bad but was handling abit wayward at times after it, so just going to get the tracking checked and go from there.

                        Think I should actually try keeping my hands on the steering wheel next time!


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                          Well, I did another rally at the weekend, the 'Automark Novice Rally' starting in Ruthin on maps 116 and 117.

                          We knackered a decent result from the start really, somehow missing 2 codeboards on the first selective... Was a very good rally with some amazing lanes and tracks.

                          The car is starting to acquire some battle scars...on the 3rd selective I clipped a bank and ripped the back bumper clean off. Managed to cable tie it back on but lost around 5 minutes or so sorting that out! We also hit a stray wheel + tyre that was lying on the inside of a long 30 left, only saw it at the very last minute so didn't have a chance of avoiding it. Luckily there seems to be no other damage than popping our front left tyre. It happened about half a mile from the end so we were lucky and hardly lost any time at all.

                          I've got an entry in for the eagle road rally this weekend aswell, but havn't found a navigator yet! I've mended the bumper with abit of cable tie stitching, and it will be having 4 new tyres again this week!

                          Currently run on toyo proxes cf1's since the kumho KU31's became unavailable. Anybody tried the new kumho KH31's? They're abit cheaper than the CF1's and if they're as good as the kh's used to be, then I'll probably get them insted!


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                            Did another rally last weekend, the Eagle which started in Newtown, Powys.

                            We only managed to do about 10 miles before the clutch broke! Managed to just about make it back to Newtown and got towed home! Gutted!

                            There were quite a few fast bumpy sections in the first selective and the standard rear suspension didn't seem to cope with it well at all. So I've already got a disc beam to go on along with my pugsport flyoff hydraulic handbrake, bilstein group N shocks and floflex bushes.

                            Also got a helix paddle clutch plate and another standard cover to replace the knackered one.

                            The clutch was brand new when I 16v'd, after a massive 500ish miles:


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                              Can you tell what failed on the clutch? Are you running the flywheel/clutch cover underneath?