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S1 Rescue, M641RGS.

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    Originally posted by saxo_ro View Post
    just had a look through your thread, very impressed few questions though,

    why didnt you put the head and cambelt etc on when the engine was out of the car?

    and when you painted your engine bay, did you use rattle cans or brush? and what paint?
    rattle cans. hence all the overspray.
    I used loctite zinc primer for the undercoat, freebie from work. And white hammerite. It's shit to spray with.
    I didn't build it up cos i didn't have a crane. It's all been done on the drive with axle stands and a trolley jack. With the head on it wouldn't fit under the arch, plus it makes it really fooking heavy to lift. And its easier to plug hoses and connectors in when the head's off.
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      ah right cool. i'm in the middle of painting my rallyes engine bay with white hammerite but it seems to stick out really bad lol
      New engine for New year. Cant wait :D


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        thats why i sprayed mine in a booth :P
        The Car In Front's A 16v.


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          It's about time I updated this I think.

          Right first up. New windscreen and rust at the front of the roof sorted.
          I had a major water leak into the car, at one point I braked and water poured down the inside of the windscreen.

          So I had the interior out and found that the rust patch on the front of the roof was worse than I'd hoped. It was a hole.
          So, windscreen out and this is how it was.

          To say I was gutted and a little concerned was an understatement.

          After a conversation with a painter that does bodywork for my work I decided that it wasn't too bad and could be plate welded without distorting the roof and as it's white would be easier to blend in.
          So a word with a good friendly local garage, who I now owe a favour to, and £20 later and here is how it stood.

          Pretty good for £20 so now for paint.
          After primer.

          And then with new screen and paint. Sorry for the wet photo. will get one in the dry when I remember. But it's perfectly smooth and flat.

          So now my major water leak and body problem is sorted, time for mods.

          First up get the wheels white.

          Next, Raceland. Thank you Dean.
          Before. Rusty and heavy


          It's now gone a beautiful blue/gold colour.
          And all the studs and nuts are on plus the gearbox bolt is in and it doesn't catch on my lower strutbrace.

          Next, quickshift.
          Made so much difference to the drive. More positive shift and tighter box.

          Next up, OMP wheel. used to be purple yellow green suede and red leather.
          now black suede and red leather.

          And somewhere inbetween some flat blade wipers.

          If anyone has a new tax disc holder they don't want I'll have it as mine split when it was taken off the old screen.

          Next up, this weekend hopefully fill and paint the front bumper.
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            Where did you get the flat wipers from mate? they look really smart.

            jsut read through this, good effort, those wheels look good on it


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              Originally posted by Jimmers View Post
              Where did you get the flat wipers from mate? they look really smart.
              Mr Yates sells them, Bosch Aerotwin


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                Still spy this on your drive as I drive up kings road