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    liked the rallye mate new cars stunning theyve grown on me alot always been a integra man but for me the civics are starting to luck much nicer.


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      good choice mate, love them, im thinking of a DC5 next..

      Whats your insurance like on it?


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        Originally posted by DanS116v View Post

        just on the look out now for some 98spec itr wheels now (a little like turinis ) and some hids
        YEa good choice, I wanted a set on my ukdm ITr but never found a set at the time when looking.

        Good champ white is a great colour for a car
        106s gone...


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          my insurance is 300 a year more than the rallye, the cat 1 on the ek helps that but not a massive hike considering its fully comp in my name with 2yrs no claims.

          i was considering a dc2 itr but theres too many of them arond me and this is the only ek9 for now

          miles- dc5's are nice and very fast, too bigga car for me tho, keep your rallye

          saw the rallye the other night, was pulling the heart strings a little


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            yeah DC5's are quite big. im trying to find something thats quick but can use everyday.

            are ek9's group 20+ aswell? what insurance company u with?


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              same dilemma i had really

              not sure on the insurance group but yeah there up there in the high numbers, im with elephant at the mo

              ring trip looked ace by the way