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    should have started one of theres ages ago. so here;s a quick review from the beging,

    i bought the car like this 2 years ago

    then the first thing some new wheels

    then i got a air filter (BMC cda) and a strut brace.

    then i bought some new seats.

    and re sprayed the wheels that came with the car.

    and wraqpped them in these babys.

    and also bought a SD cage,

    and a bit of this

    and it then looked somate like this.

    then it was off to Ricky P's for it lowering. this is out side his house.

    whilst all this was going on i bought Fuzzys pug sport and a Raceland 4-2-1

    a bit more of this

    and then it was off to the rolling road. made 124bhp at the fly was well happy!

    also fit some bonnet pins and 4x slag flaps and a black GTI spoiler

    a few track days


    then had my driving linces suspended for 12 months for medical reason, i toyed with selling her but couldn't do it so i decided i would make it a bit faster.

    so i bought Leeds106's bike carbs

    and then bought a inlet from bogg's

    got her running

    then got a call out of the blue, " i'm going 16v do u want my engine and cam?" to which i said yes please

    so Leeds106's engine turned up in my garage

    and currently looks like this as i'm half way through putting my cam in (kent 292) and i'm having the head skimmed and the valve seats reground to 3 angle and the head has already had some light head work done

    thats it so far, i'll keep it up dated,

    thanks steve

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    some awsome progress there mate! gonna be a beaut of an engine once done! im going for carbs on a 16v which should be fun. might need some help when plumbing in the carbs though!

    [CENTER]165bhp Throttle boddied J4 - Bwaaaaaaaaarp :D[/CENTER]


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      Glad to see your staying 8v! keep up the good work!


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        i have bin in a few 16v's and i like the soul of the 8v, and would rather not have something thats common.

        off to do some more work on her now.


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          looking good mate, i was kinda gutted when i lost the 8V feeling, but got some good results from the valver - 162.4BHP @ fly, 120.0BHP @ wheels, 122.2lbf.ft torque.

          always been a fan of your motor TBH


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            not long to go now eh ste? see if you can be done before will
            [SIZE="5"][COLOR="Magenta"]i've been beano'd!!!!11111111eleventy[/COLOR][/SIZE]


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              hey i was just wondering did you have the ECU remapped when you fitted the bike carbs and if you didnt did the car still have a rev limiter?
              [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="2"]Engine:[/SIZE][/COLOR][SIZE="1"]C2 VTS JP4 engine, JP4 cam covers, J4 cams, followers, valve springs and caps, Lightened flywheel, Pug racing gear linkages, heat wrapped 4-2-1 raceland manifold, 2" decat pugsport system, Pugsport group N engine mounts, powerflex exhaust mounts, 106 GTI airbox with K&N pannel filter, standard,S2 gearbox, [B]153bhp @ 7,310rpm 112ft/lbs @ 6,739rpm[/B][/SIZE]
              [SIZE="2"][COLOR="Red"]Interior:[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE="1"]Standard interior apart from Sparco Evo bucket seats, Sabbelt 3" 6 point harnesses[/SIZE]
              [SIZE="2"][COLOR="Red"]Body:[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE="1"]Brand new S1 vinals all round, red FG bonnet[/SIZE]
              [SIZE="2"][COLOR="Red"]Chassis:[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE="1"]Poly bushed diesel spec wishbones, lowered on Gaz coilovers on the front adjustable height -40mm-90mm, S1 rear beam poly bushed and lowered 45mm with Rear Gaz rear dampers, S2 steelies,[/SIZE]
              [SIZE="2"][COLOR="Red"]Brakes:[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE="1"]Front brakes:Godspeed brake set up consisting of Brembo Max disks (on order), standard calipers and mintex 1155 pads with braided flexi pipes. Rear brakes: standard S1 drums and shoes with goodridge flexi pipes[/SIZE]



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                no i din't have the ecu mapped, as for the rev limiter i think asking how the ECU contols it, i think the rev limiter is controlded by cutting the spark, i never got her up to the limiter after i got her runnin,

                just a quick up date, the head has gone off for skimming, and the valve seats re-grinding to 3 angle ect, i should have it bk tommorow,

                i also heat wrapped my GMC 4-1 mani,

                i carnt wait now!!!!!!!!!!!1
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                  going to be really good to see how well this goes ste. i bet it'll sound unreal too
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                    well she's all finished ready for boggy's to set her up on monday,

                    went on a little test drive, went well (goes like fek n aint even set up yet)

                    the only thing is the fuel line my mate got me from work aint fuel line its all rotted and blocked my FPR and starved the carbs of fuel, off to get some proper fuel line tomorrow then she's all gd

                    dunt half sound sexual and pops and bangs when changin gear. WWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PPPPpp carnt wait now,

                    oh and i've been on to the DVLA to day and they are give me my lince back valid from the 15th of april as the doctors report came back all gd.


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                      right she's all ready to go had a road test, here's a pic of her done and a short vid ov her been taken to about 6k whilst pulling away. soz about the vid been on its side lol


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                        there some pics and vids of her on the rollers, WWOOOOOOOPPPPPPP!!! 140 bhp @ the wheels


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                          140bhp at the wheels! Lovely!

                          Whats the final spec?


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                            1.6 8v rallye bottom end head skimmed to the max head work by GMC 3 angle valves, R6 bike carbs kent 292 cam up rated valve springs GMC 4-1 mani pugsport + decat, ITG filter and base plage filter king FPR,

                            all built by ME! ad rejetted and set up @ bogg bros.

                            oh and me and my old man had to sit on the slam pannel as she kept spinng the wheels on the rollers, and still spun then up with us sat on the slam pannel


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                              you managed to sort any insurance yet ste?
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