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Jungles white S2 progress thread

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  • Jungles white S2 progress thread

    Thought it was about time for me to start a progress thread so here it is lol...

    So bought it standard apart from exhaust, lowering springs and angel eye headlights. Decided it was in need of a propper clean and got it looking like this...

    Id also fitted bucket seats, my steering whell and my quickshift at this point...

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    Then sprayed 2 of my wheels with glow in the dark paint lol (i ran out of paint)...

    Then i fitted my carbon fibre fog light inserts, black morettes and sunstrip and this is how she stands atm...

    mmmmmm carbon lol...

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      Nice Jungle! Morettes and carbon fog inserts look sweet.


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        Quick update....

        Picked these up yesterday and then dropped em off at Joeys for a refurb...

        Picked them back up from Joey last thursday looking like this...

        Then got some rubber on em and put em on the car...

        Personally think there shit hot lol

        Oh btw if anyone likes them and wants any paintwork doing in sheffield for very cheap, let me know and ill give you the lads number that did these for me


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          Looks shit hot!


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              Little update, pads were getting low so instead of bieng normal i bought these 206 gti brakes off ebay....

              Then gave them a freshen up, got some new discs and pads and....

              Out with the old...

              In with the new...

              And a pic with wheel on, cant really see though lol...

              Stops Well!!!! 8)


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                Those wheels look much nicer than the green steelies


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                  Nice jungle Think you should sell it to me tho


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                    lol thanks

                    Ask me when im pissed of with it and i probably would sell it, not when im happy with it like now tho lmao


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                      Looking good man - like the wheels!
                      106 Rallye - Never ending WIP....


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                        Jungle, if you want any flocking doing, (dash, door bins, whatever) let me know. Fibreglass bits too. Check my thread for pictures.


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                          havent updated this in aaaaaaaaages.... going over to GR Developments in an hour so will update soon


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                            right cars still over there but its almost finished.... just need to get a paddle clutch because the clutch started slipping on the way over but anyway...

                            Spot the difference?


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                              Is there an intercooler behind the bumper or am i on drugs?
                              [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="2"]Engine:[/SIZE][/COLOR][SIZE="1"]C2 VTS JP4 engine, JP4 cam covers, J4 cams, followers, valve springs and caps, Lightened flywheel, Pug racing gear linkages, heat wrapped 4-2-1 raceland manifold, 2" decat pugsport system, Pugsport group N engine mounts, powerflex exhaust mounts, 106 GTI airbox with K&N pannel filter, standard,S2 gearbox, [B]153bhp @ 7,310rpm 112ft/lbs @ 6,739rpm[/B][/SIZE]
                              [SIZE="2"][COLOR="Red"]Interior:[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE="1"]Standard interior apart from Sparco Evo bucket seats, Sabbelt 3" 6 point harnesses[/SIZE]
                              [SIZE="2"][COLOR="Red"]Body:[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE="1"]Brand new S1 vinals all round, red FG bonnet[/SIZE]
                              [SIZE="2"][COLOR="Red"]Chassis:[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE="1"]Poly bushed diesel spec wishbones, lowered on Gaz coilovers on the front adjustable height -40mm-90mm, S1 rear beam poly bushed and lowered 45mm with Rear Gaz rear dampers, S2 steelies,[/SIZE]
                              [SIZE="2"][COLOR="Red"]Brakes:[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE="1"]Front brakes:Godspeed brake set up consisting of Brembo Max disks (on order), standard calipers and mintex 1155 pads with braided flexi pipes. Rear brakes: standard S1 drums and shoes with goodridge flexi pipes[/SIZE]

                              [CENTER][SIZE="5"]SEX, PUGS AND ROCK 'N' ROLL[/SIZE][/CENTER]