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Jungles white S2 progress thread

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    Nope don't need one at the minute


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      Took it out on track...

      Broke it...

      Put it away...

      Over the Christmas holidays, 1 gearbox, 1 radiator, alot of tie wraps and swearing later she is a go-er again.

      Also fitted my new seat.

      Then as I took it on a test drive realised I had problems with lights and indicators, so back to the garage, strip back down, pull the lighting loom out and find the wheel has rubbed through the sheathing on most of the wires!

      So repaired the loom and I know have a fully working car, it will be going back to GRP next to have the map altered, more boost required. Then off to The Wheel Co in Sheffield for paint.


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        Little update...
        Picked up a fibreglass bonnet off ebay

        A friend of mine has recently set up a paint/body shop so thought this might be a good time to have a little freshen up for the new show season, sp got the front end stripped down.

        Got the wheels prepared.

        The bonnet doesn't have a badge so the bumper recess needed to be smoothed out, and we removed the bar that blocked the intercooler slightly, and cut a new hole for the oil cooler I have acquired.

        Everything just after it had been painted.

        Wheels painted.

        Most of the car built up again.

        Car was then taken to GR-Performance for some propper seat rails welded in.

        And then back to the paint shop to be finished

        Some people say it looks horrendous, some people like it, I love it, exactly how I pictured it when we started.

        All the paint and body work was done by The Wheel Co.