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  • Miami Blue 16v Xsi

    May as well start a little blog as i have almost finished building this now.

    Bought the car in November 2008 after i had an accident in my S1 rallye, I only used it until the 31st of December, it has since been SORN'd on my drive.

    I've had a cheeky little 1.0l 106 to potter about in so have not been in a rush to get it finished, therefore everything has been done properly and i've had time to get everything sorted just how i wanted

    A few pics from when i bought it:

    It was pretty standard bar the GTi leather interior, lowered 40mm on spax, twin exit magnex and a few other little touches.
    I wasn't too bothered how the 8v ran as it would be getting ripped out anyway

    The shell was straight, in good condition and was something different to my rallye.

    I kept the 16v from my rallye, only sticking the maxi exhaust/pug sport dampers on and that's how i drove it until it came off the road.

    Since it's been off the road the 16v engine has been rebuilt + i've been spending my money on a few other bits and bobs

    I will eventually buy some more throttle bodies over winter but for now i'm happy just to get it back on the road again!.

    Spec as it stands now:

    1994 Miami Blue XSi


    1998 16v Saxo VTS lump
    Cat Cam 708 camshafts
    Ported/polished/Gas flowed cylinder head
    Q.E.P Lightened and balanced Flywheel
    Race land 4-2-1 s/s exhaust manifold
    Peugeot sport maxi cup car exhaust
    KMS Standalone management
    KMS adapter loom
    16v wiring loom converted by Dave (AKA cobblers)
    Slimline fan
    Nissens radiator
    Polished rocker covers.


    S1 rallye 1.3 gearbox
    Group N linkages
    B&M quickshift


    Peugeot sport grp N shocks front and rear
    lowered 40mm
    Group N engine mounts
    OMP lower strut brace
    OMP upper strut brace
    Braided brake lines


    106 GTi Half leather
    1400 xsi doorcards
    Carbon steering wheel badge
    Carbon sill plates
    White dials
    206 Gti Gearknob
    Apline CD player


    S1 106 light covers
    Standard 106 XSi Wheels painted Renault hologram grey
    Carbon door handle surrounds.
    Black bonnet pins.

    Before it goes for M.O.T i've just got poly-bushes to fit and buy a decent set of 266mm brakes

    Also bought an old style magnex pugsport today as i've always wanted one, i'll save the maxi one for special occasions

    Only have ONE pic of the whole conversion due to having no camera, although i'll borrow my mates SLR next weekend and get some decent shots!

    Can't wait to get it back on the road again

    M479 BTU - Bianca white - scabby 2J2 high miler, drives tight as a drum. 5th S1 and counting!

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    Well a few more bits added to the collection, saw this on eBay - been wanting to make one for yonks so thought i'd just save the hassle and buy one!

    Just hope it fits ok!

    Drove to Wales on sunday in an epic 300 mile round trip to get a few bits from Gav,

    Green enclosed which i will cut and chop to fit the S1 and an old skool S1 magnex, which is autosol'd up too fook and looks brand new

    Plan is to use the Maxi system through good weather and the magnex when it turns shitty, as the maxi system is mild steel and i can't afford to let that baby rot!!

    Always liked the look of the S1 magnex though.... might just keep the maxi one for special occasions

    On a final note for today - my thermostat housing should be here tomorrow so i'll wack the thermostat in and get all the hoses attaches tomorrow.

    Think i'll leave the radiator out until the loom is plugged in, makes it easier to get to the alternator!

    FIngers, toes crossed may get it running on saturday, just got to figure out which of the sensors you have to **** with to get the KMS running properly!

    Im getting nervous now i'll probably not have the bottle to turn the key
    M479 BTU - Bianca white - scabby 2J2 high miler, drives tight as a drum. 5th S1 and counting!