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Not a Rallye even a Pug but my vtR/S progress thread

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  • Not a Rallye even a Pug but my vtR/S progress thread

    when i bought this car it was my first car and two days in the headgasket was gone!

    being my first car i was lost with this and fell out of love with the car after leaving my car on the drive for about a month i thought best get it sorted after being told about ben and steve at TMS a phone call later and it was off! on a flat bed to them!

    after getting the car back i was over the moon and fell back inlove with it straight away!

    got on with fitting this:

    then added a set of these:

    Smoked Headlights and Fogs:

    And the best till last fitted my rallye carpet:

    i then got bored of my car being so high! and in time for FCS 10 i got my car lowered:

    next i purchased myself a j4 engine with the plan of converting my R and camming it aswell!

    with the more power i knew i would have to get better stoppers! so here they are(yet to be fitted) 283mm with braided hoses

    loads of life left in the pads:

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    then parts for fitting my j4 turned up:

    engine done and painted! built back up a little needs another coat of red i think!


    and started my interior retrim!:

    is black faux suede looked at the real stuff but was too thick would of had problems getting it to bend and curve how i wanted!

    then finally last week i collected the car from TM and it looked like this:

    i was over the moon i had it for two days driving along untill i pulled up at the station in leeds to find it dripping a caramel/mayo like liquid out of the rad cap! i got on the phone to ben and we came to the grim decision that my head gasket had gone

    i sent the car off to ben yesterday and he came back to me with the fact my heat exchanger had failed causing it to drain its oil and blow the gasket!


    now the car is with ben him and steve may aswell fit my cams which are going to be cat cam 705's

    sorry for the essay but thats the story over the past year!