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S1 Xsi wiring loom replacement help

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  • S1 Xsi wiring loom replacement help

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out?

    I am in the process of rebuilding my s1 track car and am fitting a factory interior

    At present I have taken the cabin loom out and it is a mess of chopped and changed spades and impossible to fix, had a digital dash display in and I want to put standard gauges back in however all connector blocks have been cut

    I read on a saxperience post:

    "You buy a whole car and change the interior loom, therefore if you take the interior loom and the engine loom from any car if can be fit into whatever model you like. (Providing you stay 106/106 or Saxo/Saxo otherwise you will have to change other interior items.) If you buy a donor car and are not to keen on wiring this option is good as it means you need no outside 'specialist' help and the job can be done in a day."

    Does this mean I can in theory use a s2 1.1 cabin and engine loom combination to run my 1.6 8v engine basic components, as the rest are going to run off a standalone ecu unit.

    Will the cabin loom fit into S1 dash and will it run everything that is needed? NOTE: No electric mirrors or windows are in the car

    Many thanks,


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    The Rear light connectors Will Be different