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Peugeot 106 1.6 XSI TU5J2

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  • Peugeot 106 1.6 XSI TU5J2

    Hi Guys, I have a Problem with my 1.6XSI. I bought it in Belgium and it was a original 1.3 Rallye. Now inside is an TU5J2 from the 1.6 XSI S1.
    Now the Problem is, i find no diagramm for the engine wirering. Or can anyone tell me, if the car has an Exhaust Sensor?

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    The wiring etc for that engine is almost the same as Rallye.

    Does it have the original inlet manifold on that car?

    Yes it should have a lambda sensor.


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      I am running a 1.6 rallye engine (same as the 1.6 xsi) on my 106 1.3 rallye car, but with the 1.3 inlet system, 1.3 ecu with 1.6 (group N) chip. No need to change anything on the wiring as far as I know, but engine was swapped already when I bought the car, just like you.

      Make sure you have the 1.6 chip, as with the 1.3 chip, it runs very bad, which was the problem with mine when I bought the car.