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Fitting a 1.3 head to tu3jp 206

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  • Fitting a 1.3 head to tu3jp 206

    Hey,anyone know if this is possible? Or if this isn't possible is there a tu head that has bigger valves etc that will fit on the 206 1.4 engine?

    If these are options then can someone enlighten me as to what will need to be replaced along with the head and any other modifications that would need to be done-so i can see whether the extra horses are viable!

    I currently have 94bhp from the engine with various mods but would like to start with a bit more before i think about new cams etc...


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    it should fit yes, however it wont be much if any different to the head on already.
    If you are fitting after market engine management then an s1 rallye inlet will give you some power, and then get a cam in there, should be looking at 120-125bhp if setup right


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      Ok then, i had heard that the s1 inlet was bloody good, but also thought that some tu3 heads had bigger valves that enabled them to reach near on 100hp standard, so is that a myth? Cheers!


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        The S1 rallye head is shed loads better than the crap 1.4 roller rocker head you get in the 206s/106quiksilvers etc. Inlet ports alot bigger, valves bigger, cam is better, ecu map altho for a 1.3 is alot better can take the revs on solid rockers, so pretty much shed loads better.

        There was a guy off ssc that used complete rallye top end on his furio 3.5bar fpr, 1.6 megane injectors, 4 branch etc and make 119bhp with a few things adjusted. I mean when I had my old quiksilver same engine as your 206 I did the usual manifold, pugsport enclosed induction but S1 rallye head and 1.4 XSi inlet and ecu made something like 103.9bhp.

        Plenty you can do mate just depends on budget and what kinda ecu setup the 206 is running because if its that multiplex crap its going to be harder btw aint off 206info are you?
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          a sorry i thought it was a black top engine. dont know much about the silver tops so go with what he said ^


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            Lol nice one mate good info! Yer i'm on 206info but dont frequent the site that often no more!
            Yer the car is multiplexed and has a sagem s2000 ecu that i have already had mapped,so i know that that side of things is possible!
            As for funding, i cant really comment at the moment,but it will probably be a case of gradually get all the parts i need then one weekend set about fitting it all-i just need to know if a) its a viable and worthwhile idea and b) what parts i would need, and if any other work is needed, ie piston work or head skimming etc!

            So would for example, a rallye head work with my current ecu if i was to swap the sensors etc over? And would it run ok with the standard inlet manifold if at all? Sorry about the questions but cheers you've been great help so far!lol


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              your biggest pain in the arse is the multiplexed shite ecu. Right pain to rewire to accept the rallye loom and ecu, the head will fit on fine no problems the compression will be a tad lower due to the flat top pistons but not by much you would notice it on the road.

              a) yes it is viable and worthwhile IF you can be arsed to do some rewiring.
              b) basically S1 top end so thats head, inlet complete sensors tb etc, loom and ecu, s1 lambda sensor, injectors.

              It would have been good if your car was a single plug magnetti ecu none multplex much easier. But yes if you got time patience and bloody good wiring skills then its worth doing
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                Cool cool! Whats involved in rewiring?

                I'm majorly contemplating goin for it now, any problems you come across?


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                  I didn't have any problems because my car wasn't multiplex literally 6 wires and the car was working.

                  You are going to have to buzz both loom and then see whats what mate, i dunno how much of your 206 is multiplex but i do know the wiring on the 3 plug ecus is more of a mare
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                    Ok dude cheers! I had the thought just now that i could rewire the loom at the sensor ends,but that sounds a long way round!
                    By rewiring it does this leave the standard ecu dormant? i presume the engine would run off the rallye ecu, so therefore my current ecu isn't needed?

                    Or...could i like i mentioned above,wire in all the rallye sensors into my current loom and run the engine off my standard ecu? Cheers again!


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                      rallye inlet wont run properly on the 1.4 ecu it spazzes out quite badly from what Ive experienced.

                      You would rewire it at the multiplug end of the engine loomt hat connects to the car loom easy done if you are good with wiring but as said I am not sure how multiplexed yours is ie is the eleccie windows tied in with it automatic wipers etc etc
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                        i would imagine then that its going to be a huge pain then as i have the auto wipers and leccy windows etc, its all controlled via the BSi and this i believe is connected to the ecu...oh dear!

                        its a shame the inlet wont work with standard ecu! are the sensors different do you know? wondering if thats the reason...

                        more questions... what are the port spacings like on the s1 head? are they siamese ports or evenly spaced? and is there another Tu head about that has the same/similar valve sizes/flow characteristics?

                        Been looking at pics and now noticed that yer the ports are siamese so thats one idea out the window!

                        How erratic does the engine run with standard ecu and s1 inlet? And can it be rectified via mapping?
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                          Any updates, guys?


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                            look at the date of the post, and the date the last time they logged in...