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Early 1.1 head and jp4 block compatibility

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  • Early 1.1 head and jp4 block compatibility

    Hello all, as the title says I have a 1992 1.1 mono engine with distributor and a 110hp jp4 engine out of a 206cc.
    I searched but could not find a comprehensive answer as to whether I can fit the 8v 1.1 head onto the jp4 1.6 block. Will the head bolts and passages line up? What HG do I use and how does the timing belt hook up? Valve clearance?
    I was told it fits straight on but I'd like a second opinion.

    Also, does the 1.1 flywheel fit the jp4 crank?

    Thanks a lot, I know everyone's going to ask why bother but just bear with me..

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    Ended up just using my whole jp4 engine with 16v head, put the distributor drive on the belt side of the cam, runs great now. The idea was to avoid having to use a ECU for the spark, don't need fueling as I'm running a LPG carb. Glad I didn't go the 8v route with this.


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      Just for anyone else searching for this info. The head will fit, as the bolt pattern is the same, the same goes for the oil and coolant pasages. You can mix-match almost any combination with TU engines, but have to be carefull with the compression ratios as there are quite huge differences in the head combustion chambers CC's. Going with the smaller displacement engine heads to larger displacement engine blocks is not a big problem, but the other way around is not always doable as the head chamber cross section is bigger than the diameter of the bore which will lead to headgasket not sealing propperly.

      Glad you opted for this option. It is a much better one.
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