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S2 rallye Bucket Seat & stock seatbelt question

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  • S2 rallye Bucket Seat & stock seatbelt question

    Hello all,

    My driver seat has seen better days. It feels bent, has a crack in the frame underneath, and also is not very supportive.
    I have found a chap selling a good condition cobra adjustable seat and Id like to fit that but keep the standard seatbelt.
    Whats the score with the seatbelt clip that is fitted currently?
    Is it part of the seat or can it be removed and fitted next to the bucket I plan to fit?
    The car is used for the road (with one or two track days planned in the future)

    I am also 6 foot tall and have been reading that taller folk need modified bases to get a good driving position. My brother is handy with a welder. Is it possible to make the standard seat base fit an aftermarket bucket seat, or would I need to buy a frame and then have that modified?

    It is only me that drives the car so Im not bothered about fore and aft adjustment.
    Id rather not have to cut holes into the carpet to have box section welded into the chassis, I would like to be able to put the car back to standard in the future if I came to sell it.

    Thanks very much,

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    Problem solved, bucket seat fitted.
    Cheers for the replies!