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2 broken Driveshafts in 40 minutes?!

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  • 2 broken Driveshafts in 40 minutes?!

    Ih mates!

    I need help with the driveshafts ...
    On the last trackday, I "broke" 2 driveshafts, and that had never happened to me in long years of trackdays with my 106 S1 rally.

    The driveshafts didn't break completely, I just started to feel the car "pulling me" to the left under acceleration.
    I stopped and saw that one of the balls inside the boot cover had bounced.

    I replaced it with another driveshaft that had a spare, and after 20 minutes on the track, the same thing happened again ...
    Vibration on the steering wheel, I hear hitting with a certain degree of steering wheel during curb, and in acceleration the car pulls to the side where the drive shaft is damaged.

    This had never happened to me before ... The only modification I did was to install a lower end bar.

    Did the new low end bar do this??
    How is it possible for this to happen 2x in the same day?Tired transmissions? Or something more serious?

    Thank you for your help.

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    If the car is too low, perhaps the driveshaft is too much extended when cornering?