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Winter tyre advice?

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  • Winter tyre advice?

    Hi all,

    I have a set of Toyo Proxy's on the car at the moment, and they're absolutely shocking in the damp/wet. I'm just wondering what people are running on their winter wheels and if there's anything better than the Proxy's that come recommended?

    Many thanks,

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    I'd recommend Nokian tyres for winter duties.
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      Nokian are pretty damn good - not winter tyres (but very suited to our climate) and not sure on what sizes are available, but my other half has Michelin CrossClimate's on her Outback and they're absolutely brilliant. No issues in wet/cold/hot weather, comfy and quiet as well.

      Obviously ultimate grip is sacrificed slightly, but who wants super-sticky on a Rallye?

      I'm running Dunlop Sport Bluresponse on my Clio which are absolutely brilliant too.
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        I used vredestein snowtrac's on the FWD passat with great effect


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          I've used Goodyear Ultragrip's before and been impressed, but I've got some Kuhmo's at the moment and I find them a bit naff. Very vague handling not much lateral grip compared to the Goodyears.


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            Hello, Sam.

            There's a 185/60R14 in Michelin CrossClimate. The overall diameter is 554mm compared to the standard tyre's 542mm. So there should be no problem with clearance.

            I've been running CrossClimates on my daily-drive Passat for 18 months. Great grip in all conditions.

            Alternatively, the Vredestein Snowtrac is available in 175/65R14. The overall diameter of this one is 559mm. Again, I don't think clearance will be an issue. I've got a set of these on my MG Midget. This car is light and, frankly, overpowered, but the Snowtracs have been able to tame the madness when the roads are slippery.

            Why am I on this board? I bought an S2 new back in 1998 and sold it when I needed to buy something 'sensible', I've regretted the sale ever since. The S2 is one of my favourite road cars. So I'm back stalking the boards and maybe looking to get another.

            I also run Vintage Tyres in Beaulieu. We've got tyres for all ages of classics (including Rallyes, of course). But I'm sure any further advertising will have me banished from the forum.

            But if I can be of any help with tyre-related issues, feel free to get in touch.




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              Hi all,

              Many thanks for the suggestions. I'll be looking at getting a 'winter' set of wheels and tyres very shortly, so really do appreciate the time taken to share your opinions.

              Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!


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                I have winters on my Clio 182. They are the continental wintercontact 810 ts which I have also had on my Megane and was very impressed with. They seem to wear better than the Rain Sports too. They make the car a little softer as they must have a softer side wall but also better for the winter roads and pot holes that appear. The good thing about little wheels is even the best tyres are still sub 50! My friend has an M5 and was looking at winter tyres so he can get off his drive if there is ever a dusting of frost and they are about 300 each! lol


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                  I was thinking the same - I had a set of Conti's fitted onto my 15's on the Clio and it was a shade over 200 fitted. One winter tyre on my other half's Subaru is 160!


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                    I just installed my Conti tires last week. Got them at 4wheelonline. Low road noise and very smooth on pavement.


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                      I've been using winters for the last 8 seasons. Currently running Dunlop SP Winter Sports and would recommend those as an alternative to the Contis. Reckon they'll be going back on at the end of October.
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