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Rolling Road Results & Dynographs Been on the rollers? Post your results here!

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my 16v s2 rallye rr results

well finally got round to putting the rallye on a set of rollers this weekend with a few mates at northampton motorsport

not knowing the full history of the engine i was very curious to see how it performed, i was told it was on 70k ish when i bought it, which turned out to be a lie, i have done 9k since owning it a year ago which would put it to about 80k, how ever i got in touch with the owner before the guy i bought it from and found out the proper mileage and how it stands today is about 95k

since owning the ar ive changed alot of sensors and run diagnostics on it hundreds of times since i have access to the very nice and expensive delphi ds350 kit which has helped me out alot trying to get it running right, i have serviced it regular too, well 2 services since owning it

spec of the engine atm is....

BMC cda filter
Piper manidold heat wrapped
and the best part of the car.... OMP inox exhaust

so the bit youve all been waiting for lol

the car made...

fly figures
133.2 bhp @ 6825rpm
115.1lb ft torque @ 5225rpm

wheel figures
114.1 bhp @ 6548rpm
102.9 lb ft torque @ 5200rpm

so i was quite impressed with the results tbh, it does drive very well on the road i have to admit, it pulls well and just seems to keep going to the limiter as it shows in the graph and on all the details, troy at northampton motorsport said hed be interested what it did with a slightly higher limiter as the power just stays quite constant after it makes peak power all the way to the limiter
it ws a shame no one there had a engine producing similar power but with a 4-2-1 manifold so i could see where abouts there peak power was compared to mine with the 4-1 manifold

heres the graphs etc...

and a nice vid of the car, i tried to get one but it just distorted mine cause it was quite loud lol


(not sure how to load vid as a image link?)

also couple of pics of the car on the day

ps youll have to excuse the dirty engine bay its been neglected over winter, and is due a major overhaul when i get the engine out fr a proper service and tidy up and few changes too :P

opinions welcome guys


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