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Electrical & Wiring Engine management systems, looms, switches, gauges, sensors, etc

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problem with my 106 Rallye

I am currently experiencing a weird problem, we finally got our tester to work with an adapter, when you want to accelerate, you feel small stutters almost like a misfire. But when you look on the live data you can see the battery voltage, jumping around. when it is stable at +-13V there is no problem, but then you can get a sudden spike in battery voltage to 16V. When that happens all the sensors get weird values and it messes up the timing and injection times. we tested the generator and it charges 13-14 volts, so its like the ecu sometimes short cirquits and the voltage spikes.
these are some pictures of the live data
Engine code tu5j2 NFW

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You have checked the main earth strap from the gearbox to the battery and to the base of the strut tower?

It could be the regulator inside the Alternator is faulty too. It may be stable at idle and low rpm, but when driving it is not.
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